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These classes provide interfaces to content management.

New or existing applications sometimes need to access the data in the Qt Extended document database, or to add/remove documents to/from the database. This can be achieved via the Qt Extended Document API, which abstracts away all database related coding. For more information on the Document API, please refer to the page Document System. Please also refer to the Tutorials and Examples section, which provides several documented examples on how to use the content related classes.

Note that if an application must access the database directly, it should do so in accordance with the Qt Extended Database Policy.

QContentRepresents a content carrying entity in the Qt Extended system, where content includes resources which an end-user may view or manage
QContentFilterDefines criteria for defining a sub-set of all available content
QContentFilterDialogDialog box for selecting content filters
QContentFilterModelDefines a model for displaying and selecting possible content filters
QContentFilterSelectorAllows the user to select filters to refine the visible selection of content on a device
QContentPluginInterface for the Qt Extended Document System to discover detailed information about a file
QContentPropertiesAllows the meta-data stored in content to be read and edited
QContentPropertiesEngineAbstraction for accessing content properties
QContentPropertiesPluginInterface for accessing properties and thumbnails embedded in content
QContentSetRepresents a filtered view of all content on a device
QContentSetModelData model to represent the items in a QContentSet
QDocumentPropertiesDialogAllows the user to examine and modify properties of a document
QDocumentPropertiesWidgetControls for viewing and modifying the properties of a document
QFileSystemDescribes a single mount point
QFileSystemFilterUsed to restrict the available filesystems returned from QStorageMetaInfo
QStorageMetaInfoDescribes the disks mounted on the file system
QContentFilterModel::TemplateEnables the construction of complex QContentFilterModels with fixed entries and multiple lists

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