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Grouped Classes

This page provides a way to navigate the Qt Extended classes by grouping related classes together. Some classes may appear in more than one group.

UI Controls & Interaction

Abstract Widget ClassesAbstract widget classes usable through subclassing.
Advanced WidgetsAdvanced GUI widgets such as tab widgets and progress bars.
Basic WidgetsBasic GUI widgets such as buttons, comboboxes and scrollbars.
Event ClassesClasses used to create and handle events.
Help SystemClasses used to provide online-help for applications.
Layout ManagementClasses handling automatic resizing and moving of widgets, for composing complex dialogs.
Miscellaneous ClassesVarious other useful classes.
Model/View ClassesClasses that use the model/view design pattern.
Object ModelThe Qt GUI toolkit's underlying object model.
OrganizersUser interface organizers such as splitters, tab bars, button groups, etc.
Standard Dialog ClassesReady-made dialogs for file, font, color selection and more.
Text Related ClassesClasses for text processing. (See also XML Classes.)
Widget Appearance and StyleAppearance customization with styles, fonts, colors etc.
Theming ClassesClasses that provide support for custom views themable with XML.

Media and Document Handling

Installed SoftwareClasses that provide support for security and installation of downloaded and other software.
ContentClasses that provide support for documents such as multimedia.
CategoriesClasses that provide support for categorization of media and other documents.
Multimedia, Graphics, and PrintingClasses that provide support for graphics (2D, and with OpenGL, 3D), image encoding, decoding, and manipulation, sound, animation, printing, etc.
DRMClasses that provide support for Digital Rights Management.
Document SelectionClasses that provide for document selection interfaces.
Messaging ClassesClasses that provide support for manipulating mail messages.


Interprocess Communication (IPC)Classes providing interprocess communcation mechanisms.
Personal Information Management (PIM)Classes providing access to the user's PIM data.
User Input ProcessingClasses supporting the processing of user input from keyboards, virtual keyboards, and display pointers such as touch screens.
File I/O and NetworkingClasses providing file input and output along with directory and network handling.
Database ClassesDatabase related classes, e.g. for SQL databases.
XML ClassesClasses that support XML, via, for example DOM and SAX.

Data Structures

Tool ClassesCollection classes such as list, queue, stack and string, along with other classes that can be used without needing QApplication.
Generic ContainersQt's template-based container classes.

System Access

TelephonyTelephony classes for dialing, VoIP, GSM, GPRS, etc.
Modem ClassesClasses for Qt Extended Phone application development which are specific to AT-based modems.
Serial Device ClassesClasses for Qt Extended Phone application development which are specific to serial device access.
HardwareHardware access classes for hardware such as headsets.
BluetoothBluetooth API
OBEXOBject EXchange API
IrDAInfrared API
Collective ClassesPresence and Instant Messaging API
Location ClassesClasses providing access to location data sources.
Environment ClassesClasses providing various global services such as event handling, access to system settings and internationalization.
Date and Time ClassesClasses for handling date and time.
Plug-in ClassesPlug-in related classes.
Threading ClassesClasses that provide threading support.
Script ClassesQt Script-related classes.
Window System ClassesClasses that are specific to the Qt for Embedded Linux window system.

Test Framework

Unit TestingClasses that provide support for automated Unit testing of Qt/Qt Extended based code.
System TestingClasses that provide support for automated System testing of Qt/Qt Extended based code.

Qt Extended Server classes

Server TasksClasses that provide server tasks in the Qt Extended server.
Server Task InterfacesClasses that act as replaceable server task interfaces.
Bluetooth Server TasksClasses that provide server tasks in the Qt Extended server and/or directly support the Qt Extended Bluetooth functionality.
Telephony Server ClassesClasses that support telephony functionality in the Qt Extended server.
Qt Extended Server ClassesClasses that have not been better categorized.
Application Control SubsystemIPC and application control related classes.
Qt Extended Memory ManagementThe following classes are related to the Qt Extended Out-of-memory management.
Abstract Server WidgetsClasses provide abstract interfaces for major UI components in the Qt Extended server.
Server Widget classesClasses that provide UI services in the Qt Extended server.
Common UI classesClasses that provide very generic UI services in the Qt Extended server.
Server Handling for Input MethodsClasses that relate to the Qt Extended input method support.

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