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Modem Classes

These are the public classes for Qt Extended Phone application development that are specific to AT-based modems.

QModemAdviceOfChargeAdvice of charge information on AT-based modems
QModemCallImplements phone call functionality for AT-based modems
QModemCallBarringImplements the call barring settings for AT-based modems
QModemCallForwardingImplements the call forwarding settings for AT-based modems
QModemCallProviderImplements a mechanism for AT-based phone call providers to hook into the telephony system
QModemCallSettingsImplements access to auxiliary call settings for AT-based modems
QModemCallVolumeImplements call volume functionality for AT-based modems
QModemCellBroadcastImplements cell broadcast functionality for AT-based modems
QModemConfigurationInformation about the modem such as its manufacturer and serial number
QModemDataCallImplements data call functionality for AT-based modems
QModemGprsNetworkRegistrationInformation about GPRS network registration on AT-based modems
QModemIndicatorsSupports indicators for signal quality, battery charge, etc
QModemNetworkRegistrationAccess to network registration features of AT-based modems
QModemPhoneBookImplements SIM phone book operations for AT-based modems
QModemPinManagerMethod for the modem to query the user interface for pin values
QModemPreferredNetworkOperatorsImplements the preferred operator list functions for AT-based modems
QModemRfFunctionalityMethod to get or set the level of RF activity on an AT-based modem
QModemSMSReaderSMS reading facilities for AT-based modems
QModemSMSSenderSMS sending facilities for AT-based modems
QModemServiceImplements telephony functionality for AT-based modems
QModemServiceNumbersAccess to GSM service numbers such as voice mail and SMS service center for AT-based modems
QModemServicePluginDefines a base class for implementing vendor-specific modem plug-ins
QModemServicePluginInterfaceDefines the interface to vendor-specific modem plug-ins
QModemSimFilesImplements SIM file access for AT-based modems
QModemSimGenericAccessImplements SIM generic access for AT-based modems
QModemSimInfoSIM identity information for AT-based modems
QModemSimToolkitAccess to SIM toolkit functionality for AT-based modems
QModemSupplementaryServicesAccess to structured and unstructured supplementary services for AT-based modems
QModemVibrateAccessoryVibrate accessory support for AT-based modems

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