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QModemPhoneBook Class Reference

The QModemPhoneBook class implements SIM phone book operations for AT-based modems. More...

    #include <QModemPhoneBook>

Inherits QPhoneBook.

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Detailed Description

The QModemPhoneBook class implements SIM phone book operations for AT-based modems.

This class uses the commands AT+CPBS, AT+CPBR, AT+CPBW, AT+CSCS, and AT+CLCK from 3GPP TS 27.007.

QModemPhoneBook implements the QPhoneBook telephony interface. Client applications should use QPhoneBook instead of this class to access the modem's SIM phone books.

See also QPhoneBook.

Member Function Documentation

QModemPhoneBook::QModemPhoneBook ( QModemService * service )

Construct an AT-based SIM phone book handler for service.

QModemPhoneBook::~QModemPhoneBook ()

Destroy this AT-based SIM phone book handler.

void QModemPhoneBook::flushCaches ()   [slot]

Flush all cached phone book information from the system because the SIM has been removed from the modem or because the modem has indicated that the SIM phone book has changed.

bool QModemPhoneBook::hasEmptyPhoneBookIndex () const   [virtual protected]

Returns true if the index option to the AT+CPBW command should be empty to add an element rather than to update an existing element. Returns false (the default) if the index option should be zero for this case.

bool QModemPhoneBook::hasModemPhoneBookCache () const   [virtual protected]

Returns true if the modem has an internal phone book cache; false otherwise. If this function returns true, then the phone library will not attempt to access phone books until phoneBooksReady() is called. The default implementation returns false.

See also phoneBooksReady().

void QModemPhoneBook::phoneBooksReady ()   [slot]

Indicate that the modem is now ready to accept phone book related commands. See hasModemPhoneBookCache() for more information.

See also hasModemPhoneBookCache().

void QModemPhoneBook::preload ( const QString & store )   [slot]

Attempt to preload the contents of store, in anticipation that it will be needed sometime in the future. This is typically used for the "SM" store so that the contacts list appears to load quickly for the user.

QTextCodec * QModemPhoneBook::stringCodec () const

Returns the codec being used by the phone book subsystem to decode strings from the modem. This may be useful in other interfaces that need to decode strings. The value is based on the response to the AT+CSCS? command.

See also updateCodec().

void QModemPhoneBook::updateCodec ( const QString & gsmCharset )   [slot]

Inform the modem SIM phone book handler that the AT+CSCS character set has been changed to gsmCharset.

See also stringCodec().

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