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Qt Cell Module

The Qt Cell module offers support for modem based telephony backend. This module is based on Base module.

The following configure line can be used to build the Base and Cell module:

    ./configure -modules cell -device xyz

The -modem option is equivalent to the -modules cell option. This module implies the Telephony module.

Feature description

This module provides a modem based back-end for the Qt Extended Telephony API. The actual modem interface can be AT based or any other form of programming interface.

Modem integrationThis module uses the Qt Extended Telephony API and provides a back-end implementation for modems. In order to increase the reusability the modem integration uses a plug-in mechanism. The following two types of plug-ins are supported:
  • The Phone vendor plug-in caters for differences among the various 3GPP AT command implementations supported by various modems. The GSM modem integration guide explains how phone vendor plug-ins work and how new plug-ins can be created.
  • The Multiplexer plug-in can be used to replace the default GSM 07.10 mulitplexing provided by this module. The Writing a Multiplexer Plug-in tutorial gives a brief introduction into this feature and demonstrates how a new plug-in can be created.
Call ForwardingThis application allows the user to configure forwarding rules for Data, Fax and Voice calls.
Call NetworksThis application allows the user to configure the preferred network operator selection process.
Call OptionsThis application allows the user to configure the following parameters:
  • Call Barring (selectively block calls to/from device)
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Cell Broadcasting
  • Fixed Dialing (restrict outgoing calls to white-listed numbers)
  • Service numbers (voice mail and SMS service center)
  • Call volume
Other featuresThe following minor features are included in this module:
  • GPRS/3G connection monitor
  • SIM Toolkit support
  • GCF compliant GSM dial filter
  • SIM based call history support

Software components

The Cell module includes the following software components:

The exact list of components included in this module can be found in $QPEDIR/src/module_cell.pri.

The test plan for the Cell module summarizes the Quality Assurance procedures for this module. The results of these test are available here.

The following table contains all classes and services which are part of this module:

CellBroadcastControlMonitors incoming cell broadcast messages
CellModemManagerSimplifies the initialization and monitoring of a cellular phone modem
GPRSMonitorKeeps track of the state of GPRS accounts
GSMDialFilterGSM dial filter required for GCF compliance
QModemAdviceOfChargeAdvice of charge information on AT-based modems
QModemCallImplements phone call functionality for AT-based modems
QModemCallBarringImplements the call barring settings for AT-based modems
QModemCallForwardingImplements the call forwarding settings for AT-based modems
QModemCallProviderImplements a mechanism for AT-based phone call providers to hook into the telephony system
QModemCallSettingsImplements access to auxiliary call settings for AT-based modems
QModemCallVolumeImplements call volume functionality for AT-based modems
QModemCellBroadcastImplements cell broadcast functionality for AT-based modems
QModemConfigurationInformation about the modem such as its manufacturer and serial number
QModemDataCallImplements data call functionality for AT-based modems
QModemGprsNetworkRegistrationInformation about GPRS network registration on AT-based modems
QModemIndicatorsSupports indicators for signal quality, battery charge, etc
QModemNetworkRegistrationAccess to network registration features of AT-based modems
QModemPhoneBookImplements SIM phone book operations for AT-based modems
QModemPinManagerMethod for the modem to query the user interface for pin values
QModemPreferredNetworkOperatorsImplements the preferred operator list functions for AT-based modems
QModemRfFunctionalityMethod to get or set the level of RF activity on an AT-based modem
QModemSMSReaderSMS reading facilities for AT-based modems
QModemSMSSenderSMS sending facilities for AT-based modems
QModemServiceImplements telephony functionality for AT-based modems
QModemServiceNumbersAccess to GSM service numbers such as voice mail and SMS service center for AT-based modems
QModemServicePluginDefines a base class for implementing vendor-specific modem plug-ins
QModemServicePluginInterfaceDefines the interface to vendor-specific modem plug-ins
QModemSimFilesImplements SIM file access for AT-based modems
QModemSimGenericAccessImplements SIM generic access for AT-based modems
QModemSimInfoSIM identity information for AT-based modems
QModemSimToolkitAccess to SIM toolkit functionality for AT-based modems
QModemSupplementaryServicesAccess to structured and unstructured supplementary services for AT-based modems
QModemVibrateAccessoryVibrate accessory support for AT-based modems
SimCallHistoryPopulates the in-memory call history list with entries provided by the call history list stored on a SIM card
SimControlEventHandlerTaskFeedback about SIM control events to the user
SupplementaryServiceTaskNotification about unstructured notifications within GSM networks

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