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Qt Base Module

The Qt Base module offers classes for embedded Linux devices.

The Base module is based on Qt and builds the foundation for all other modules of Qt Extended. This means that all other modules rely on this module. The smallest Qt Extended build only contains this module (and of course Qt) and is accessable via the following configure line:

    ./configure -device xyz

The Base module is always enabled when building Qt Extended. It doesn't have to be enabled via the -modules switch. Note that not specifying a device profile would result in the reference device being build.

Feature description

This module provides the essential support for embedded and multi-process Linux environments. Therefore its main focus is to facilitate IPC communication, process and document management. In addition it sets up the basic elements for arbitrary UI development (e.g. graphical effects/styles, Internationalization and image/resource support).

Document controlQt Extended document management provides the following features:
Hardware AbstractionThe hardware abstraction system provides a set of classes which allow the control of devices across process boundaries and can be easily extended to cater for new device types.
IPC communicationThe following IPC features are provided
Internationalization & LocalizationQt Extended utilizes Qt's i18n & l10n support. In addition Qt Extended adds support for the following features:
Process ManagementThe component is responsible for process management such as the starting/stopping of processes and life cycle management:
ThemingUser interface components can be defined in XML. For more details see Theming documentation.
Other featuresThe following minor features are included in this module:

Software components

The Base module includes the following software components:

The exact list of components included in this module can be found in $QPEDIR/src/module_base.pri.

The test plan for the Base module summarizes the Quality Assurance procedures for this module. The results of these test are available here.

The following table contains all classes and services which are part of this module:

AlarmControlMaintains Qt Extended alarm system
AlarmServerThe Qt Extended AlarmServer service
ApplicationIpcRouterInterface through which ApplicationTypeLauncher instances to control IPC message routing
ApplicationLauncherResponsible for fundamental application management and IPC routing within Qtopia
ApplicationLauncherViewSpecialized view for application lists
ApplicationShutdownTaskWay of terminating all running Qt Extended applications before the Qt Extended server itself terminates
ApplicationTerminationHandlerAllows tasks to be notified, and possibly filter, when an application terminates
ApplicationTypeLauncherInterface to control a particular application type in the system
BuiltinApplicationLauncherSupports launching simple applications that run inside the Qt Extended Server process
ConsoleApplicationLauncherSupports launching console applications
QDrmRights::ConstraintDescribes a constraint placed on the usage of DRM content
ContentServerTaskManages the Documents API's document scanning functionality
DefaultBatteryProxy for another system battery
DefaultCrashDialogTaskCrash dialog that notifies the user about crashing applications
DefaultTaskManagerThe standard Qt Extended task manager
DelayedWaitDialogSmall dialog that can be used to notify the user that the system is busy
DeviceButtonTaskPerforms configurable actions when special purpose buttons are pressed or held
DocumentLauncherViewView of user documents
DocumentServerTaskManages the lifetime of the Qt Extended Document Server
EnvironmentSetupTaskInitializes the basic system environment required by Qtopia
ExeApplicationLauncherSimplifies implementing ApplicationTypeLauncher for process based applications
FavoritesThe Qt Extended Favorites service
GenericMemoryMonitorTaskImplements a simple page-fault driven memory monitor task
GridBrowserScreenThe main launcher grid for Qt Extended Phone
QNetworkConnection::IdentityIdentifier for a network connection
IdleTaskStartupInterface for launching server tasks while the system is idle
InputDeviceSettingsAllows keyboard and mouse configuration to be adjusted at runtime
LauncherViewThe base for any type of laucnher view used by Qtopia
LowMemoryTaskResponds to low memory situations by closing applications
MemoryMonitorInterface determines the available amount of available memory
QAtResultParser::NodeAccess to a generic value parsed from an AT command list
OomManagerManages low and out of memory situations
PhoneLauncherViewView onto a scene, which is a grid of objects
PlatformServerInterfaceSimple main widget for Qt Extended
QAbstractBrowserScreenAllows developers to replace the "application browser screen" portion of the Phone UI
QAbstractHomeScreenAllows developers to replace the "home screen" portion of the Phone UI
QAbstractIpcInterfaceFacilities for implementing the client and server sides of IPC communications paths
QAbstractIpcInterfaceGroupConvenient wrapper to create the interfaces within a server group
QAbstractIpcInterfaceGroupManagerMethod to discover the active IPC interfaces and server interface groups
QAbstractMessageBoxAllows developers to replace the message box portion of the Qt Extended server UI
QAbstractServerInterfaceAllows the Qt Extended Server UI to be replaced
QAbstractTaskManagerAllows developers to replace the Qt Extended server TaskManager
QAnalogClockDisplays an analog clock face
QAtChatCommunication with AT-command-based modems
QAtChatScriptMechanism to run pppd chat scripts
QAtResultAccess to the results of AT modem commands and unsolicited notifications
QAtResultParserSupport for parsing the response to AT modem commands and unsolicited notifications
QAtUtilsSeveral utility functions that assist with interfacing to AT-based modems
QAudioSourceSelectorDialogAllows the user to select an audio document from a variety of sources
QBootSourceAccessoryInterface for querying the event which triggered the last boot sequence
QBootSourceAccessoryProviderInterface for integrating device specific boot source detection code into Qtopia
QCategoryDialogAllows users to select Categories with a dialog interface
QCategoryFilterAllows consistent filtering of records or objects that have a set of categories assigned
QCategoryManagerSet of functions to create, modify, and remove categories
QCategorySelectorAllows users to select categories for filtering or for applying to an item
QCollectiveMessengerDefines a generic interface to P2P instant messaging
QCollectivePresenceDefines a generic interface to presence information
QCollectivePresenceInfoHolds presence information for a contact
QCollectiveSimpleMessageHolds a single message sent or received from a contact
QColorButtonAllows users to select a color
QColorSelectorDialogAllows users to select a color
QCommDeviceControllerFacilities to control the power state of a hardware communications device
QCommDeviceSessionFacilities to initiate a device session
QCommInterfaceFacilities for implementing client and server communications objects
QCommServiceManagerMethod to discover the active communications services and interfaces
QContentRepresents a content carrying entity in the Qt Extended system, where content includes resources which an end-user may view or manage
QContentFilterDefines criteria for defining a sub-set of all available content
QContentFilterDialogDialog box for selecting content filters
QContentFilterModelDefines a model for displaying and selecting possible content filters
QContentFilterSelectorAllows the user to select filters to refine the visible selection of content on a device
QContentPluginInterface for the Qt Extended Document System to discover detailed information about a file
QContentPropertiesAllows the meta-data stored in content to be read and edited
QContentPropertiesEngineAbstraction for accessing content properties
QContentPropertiesPluginInterface for accessing properties and thumbnails embedded in content
QContentSetRepresents a filtered view of all content on a device
QContentSetModelData model to represent the items in a QContentSet
QContentSortCriteriaDefines the attributes and order a QContentSet should be sorted by
QCopEnvelopeEncapsulates and sends QCop messages
QCopRouterApplication ipc router for the QCop transport
QDLGeneral utility functions for use with Qt Extended Data Linking
QDLBrowserClientDisplays rich-text containing QDLLinks
QDLClientManages a set of QDLLinks for a client object
QDLEditClientUsed to add QDLLinks to rich-text documents
QDLLinkFully describes a QDL link
QDSActionInterface for requesting Qt Extended Data Sharing (QDS) services
QDSActionRequestEncapsulates a received action request
QDSDataEncapsulates data shared by Qt Extended Data Sharing (QDS) services
QDSServiceInfoEncapsulates the description of a Qt Extended Data Sharing (QDS) service
QDSServicesFiltered list of available Qt Extended Data Sharing (QDS) services
QDawgStorage of words in a Directed Acyclic Word Graph
QDeviceButtonRepresents a user-programmable button on a Qt Extended device
QDeviceButtonManagerManages device button mappings
QDeviceIndicatorsAllows applications to control indicator lights
QDeviceIndicatorsProviderThe backend for the QDeviceIndicator API
QDocumentPropertiesDialogAllows the user to examine and modify properties of a document
QDocumentPropertiesWidgetControls for viewing and modifying the properties of a document
QDocumentSelectorAllows the user choose a document from a list of documents available on the device
QDocumentSelectorDialogUser with the ability to select documents from a list of documents available on the device
QDocumentSelectorServiceInterface for low-privilege applications to open to user selected documents
QDrmAgentPluginInitializes the various services provided by a DRM agent
QDrmContentApplications with access to DRM protected content
QDrmContentLicenseInterface for DRM agents to monitor the consumption of DRM content
QDrmContentPluginThe primary interface between DRM agents and the Qt Extended document system
QDrmRightsDescribes the status and constraints associated with a permission for DRM protected content
QExifImageHeaderFunctionality for reading and writing EXIF image headers
QExifValueRepresents data types found in EXIF image headers
QExportedBackgroundAccess to the system background
QExpressionEvaluatorComputes the results of arithmetic, logical and string based expressions
QFavoriteServicesListPresents a list of services
QFavoriteServicesModelData model of the Favorite Services list
QFileMonitorAllows applications to asynchronously monitor files for changes
QFileSystemDescribes a single mount point
QFileSystemFilterUsed to restrict the available filesystems returned from QStorageMetaInfo
QGlobalPixmapCacheSystem-wide cache for pixmaps
QGsm0710MultiplexerMultiplexing implementation based on 3GPP TS 07.10/27.010
QGsm0710MultiplexerServerServer-side multiplexing implementation based on 3GPP TS 07.10/27.010
QGsmCodecRepresents the text codec for the GSM 7-bit encoding of Latin-1
QHardwareInterfaceThe base class of all hardware abstraction classes
QHardwareManagerFinds available hardware abstraction providers for a given interface
QIMActionDescriptionWay to define a QAction for a QtopiaInputMethod in the QSoftMenuBar QMenu
QIconSelectorIcon-based combo box implementation
QImageDocumentSelectorAllows the selection an image from a list of image documents available on the device
QImageDocumentSelectorDialogAllows the user to select an image from a list of image documents available on the device
QImageSourceSelectorDialogAllows the user to select an image from a variety of sources
QKeypadLightAccessoryAccess to the keypad light on a phone
QKeypadLightAccessoryProviderInterface for keypad light devices to integrate into Qtopia
QMallocPoolAllows management of allocations within a designated memory region
QMimeTypeMIME type information
QMultiPortMultiplexerMultiplexing across several serial ports
QNetworkConnectionMonitoring of network connections
QNetworkConnectionManagerAllows applications to receive notifications when network connections are added and/or removed from Qtopia
QNetworkDeviceInformation about the connectivity state of a network device
QNetworkStateVery generic information about the connectivity state of the Qt Extended device
QNullSerialIODeviceNull implementation of serial device functionality
QNullSerialIODeviceMultiplexerNull implementation of multiplexing
QObexContains miscellaneous OBEX functionality
QObexAuthenticationChallengeContains a received OBEX authentication challenge and allows the receiver to set a username and password that should be used for authentication
QObexAuthenticationResponseContains a received OBEX authentication response
QObexClientSessionImplementation of the client side of the OBEX protocol
QObexFolderListingEntryInfoInformation about an item in an OBEX folder listing object
QObexFtpClientImplementation of the OBEX file-transfer mechanism
QObexHeaderContains header information for an OBEX request or response
QObexPushClientEncapsulates an OBEX PUSH client
QObexPushServiceOBEX Push service
QObexServerSessionAbstract base class for implementing an OBEX server
QPacketEncapsulates an unfragmentable packet of data to be transmitted by QPacketProtocol
QPacketProtocolEncapsulates communicating discrete packets across fragmented IO channels, such as TCP sockets
QPasswordDialogDialog widget for entering a PIN code
QPhoneProfileEncapsulates a single phone profile configuration
QPhoneProfileManagerAllows applications to control phone profiles
QPhoneStylePhone look and feel
QPluginManagerSimplifies plug-in loading and allows plugins to be enabled/disabled
QPowerSourceAccess to information about power sources on the device
QPowerSourceProviderInterface for power sources to integrate into Qtopia
QPowerStatusSimplified interface to the device's primary power sources
QRetryAtChatMechanism to retry an AT command until it succeeds
QScreenInformationAdditional information about screens beyond that from QDesktopWidget
QScreenInformationProviderThe back end implementation of QScreenInformation
QSerialIODeviceThe base for all serial devices
QSerialIODeviceMultiplexerBase class for serial device multiplexing on AT-based modems
QSerialIODeviceMultiplexerPluginDefines a base class for implementing multiplexing plugins
QSerialIODeviceMultiplexerPluginInterfaceDefines the interface to multiplexing plugins
QSerialPortSimple serial device interface
QSerialSocketSerial port abstraction via a TCP socket
QSerialSocketServerServer to handle incoming serial-over-sockets connections
QSignalIntercepterInterface for intercepting signals as meta-calls
QSignalSourceAccess to information about signal sources on devices
QSignalSourceProviderInterface for signal sources to integrate into Qtopia
QSlotInvokerInterface for invoking slots with explicit arguments
QSmoothListView onto a model using a finger scrollable user interface
QSmoothListWidgetItem-based list widget
QSmoothListWidgetItemItem for use with the QSmoothListWidget item view class
QSoftMenuBarAllows the labels in the phone soft menu bar to be set
QSoundControlExtends the functionality of the QSound class
QSpeedDialAccess to the Speed Dial settings
QSpeedDialListList widget for editing Speed Dial entries
QStorageDeviceSelectorDisplays a list of available storage locations
QStorageMetaInfoDescribes the disks mounted on the file system
QSystemMutexMutual exclusion between processes
QSystemReadWriteLockRead-write locking between processes
QTerminationHandlerAllows an application to instruct the system on how to handle an abnormal termination
QTerminationHandlerProviderThe backend for the QTerminationHandler class
QTextEntryProxyText entry widget for overlaying list widgets
QThemeExclusiveItemExclusive item that allows only one of its children to be active in a QThemedView
QThemeGroupItemGroups its children into a single item in a QThemedView
QThemeImageItemImage item that you can add to a QThemedView to display an image
QThemeItemThe base class of all items in a QThemedView
QThemeItemFactoryCreates QThemeItem objects based on the name of the item
QThemeItemPluginSimple plugin interface that makes it easy to create custom theme items that can be loaded dynamically using the QThemeItemFactory class
QThemeLayoutItemLayout item that you can add to a QThemedView to lay out items
QThemeLevelItemLevel item that you can add to a QThemedScene to display the signal or battery level
QThemeListItemList item that you can add to a QThemedView
QThemePageItemPage item that you can add to a QThemedView to display a page
QThemePluginItemManages the interaction between a ThemedItemInterface implementation and a QThemedView
QThemeRectItemRect item that you can add to a QThemedView
QThemeStatusItemStatus item that you can add to a QThemedView to display a status icon
QThemeTextItemText item that you can add to a QThemedView to display formatted text
QThemeWidgetItemWidget item that you can add to a QThemedView
QThemedViewDisplays themed views in Qtopia
QThumbnailThumbnails of large images
QTimeStringLocalized strings for times and dates
QTimeZoneAccess to time zone data
QTimeZoneSelectorWidget for selecting a time zone
QTranslatableSettingsPersistent application settings that can be translated
QUniqueIdIdentifier that is unique and yet can be stored efficiently
QUniqueIdGeneratorGenerator of unique identifiers
QUsbEthernetGadgetUsed to enable ethernet communication class of USB gadgets
QUsbEthernetGadgetProviderBackend implementation for QUsbEthernetGadget
QUsbGadgetThe base class of all USB gadget classes
QUsbManagerManagers all available USB gadgets providers
QUsbSerialGadgetUsed to enable serial communication class of USB gadgets
QUsbSerialGadgetProviderBackend implementation for QUsbSerialGadget
QUsbStorageGadgetUsed to enable mass storage class of USB gadgets
QUsbStorageGadgetProviderBackend implementation for QUsbStorageGadget
QValueSpaceMethods that are useful to Value Space layer implementors
QValueSpaceItemAllows access to Value Space items
QValueSpaceObjectAllows applications to add entries to the Value Space
QVibrateAccessoryAccess to the vibrate device on a phone
QVibrateAccessoryProviderInterface for vibrate devices to integrate into Qtopia
QtopiaServerApplication::QWSEventFilterInterface for filtering Qt Window System events
QWaitWidgetInformative idle screen for a slow operation
QWapAccountWrapper around configuration files for WAP accounts
QWindowDecorationInterfaceInterface for Qt Extended window decoration styles
QWindowDecorationPluginDefines a base class for implementing window decoration plugins
QWorldmapDisplays a worldmap for time zone selection
QWorldmapDialogDialog for selecting a time zone, using the QWorldmap class
QtopiaContains miscellaneous functionality
QtopiaAbstractServiceInterface to messages on a QCop service which simplifies remote slot invocations
QtopiaApplicationImplements the system services available to all Qt Extended applications
QtopiaChannelCommunication capabilities between clients
QtopiaDocumentServerInstance of the Qt Extended Document Server
QtopiaFeaturesAllows applications to set and query the available Qt Extended features
QtopiaInputEventsFunctions to simulate and access input events
QtopiaInputMethodDescribes the minimum interface that an input method plug-in must provide
QtopiaIpcAdaptorInterface to messages on a Qt Extended IPC channel which simplifies remote signal and slot invocations
QtopiaIpcEnvelopeEncapsulates and sends QCop messages
QtopiaIpcSendEnvelopeMechanism to send Qt Extended IPC messages with an argument number of arguments
QtopiaItemDelegateDisplay and editing facilities for data items from a model
QtopiaNetworkFunctions for starting/stopping of network devices/interfaces
QtopiaNetworkConfigurationDefines the interface to network interface configurations
QtopiaNetworkFactoryIfaceDefines the interface to network plug-ins
QtopiaNetworkInterfaceDescribes the minimum interface that a network plug-in must provide
QtopiaNetworkPluginAbstract base class for all network plug-ins
QtopiaNetworkPropertiesReflects the content of a network interface configuration
QtopiaPowerConstraintManagerKeeps track of power management constraints set by Qt Extended applications
QtopiaPowerManagerImplements default device power management behaviour
QtopiaPowerManagerThe QtopiaPowerManager service
QtopiaSendViaEasy way of sending files via communications services
QtopiaServerApplicationAdditional QtopiaApplication functionality
QtopiaServerApplicationLauncherActs as a proxy for the Qt Extended Server within the application launcher framework
QtopiaServiceAllows applications to query the services provided by other applications
QtopiaServiceDescriptionDescribes a service request in user terms
QtopiaServiceHistoryModelData model and insertion methods for the Qt Extended service history
QtopiaServiceRequestAllows applications to request services from other applications
QtopiaServiceSelectorImplements a list dialog for selecting a service
QtopiaSqlCollection of methods for setting up and managing database connections
QtopiaStyleEncapsulates the common Look and Feel of a Qt Extended GUI
QtopiaTimerTimers that can pause automatically when the screen is off
QuickExeApplicationLauncherSupports launching quicklaunched Qt Extended applications
RotationManagerThe RotationManager service
ApplicationIpcRouter::RouteDestinationRepresents an IPC route destination
QPhoneProfile::ScheduleProvided information on timed auto-activation of a profile
ServerTaskFactoryIfaceDefines the interface to server task plug-ins
ServerTaskPluginAbstract base class for all server task plug-ins
QPhoneProfile::SettingApplications with a mechanism to add their own settings to a profile
ShutdownDialogTaskShutdown dialog that allows the user to control system restarts and shutdowns
ShutdownSplashScreenDisplays a static splash screen while the system is restarting
SimpleExeApplicationLauncherSupports launching regular QtopiaApplication executables
SlideInMessageBoxImplements a sliding message box
StabMonitorSupports monitoring of stab changes
StandardDeviceFeaturesContains methods to disable the standard device feature handling
StartupApplicationsLaunches applications preemptively at startup
StorageMonitorPeriodically checks filesystems for available space and prompts to start the cleanup wizard if low
SuspendThe Suspend service
SxeProgramInfoData transfer object that models a program on disk
SystemShutdownHandlerNotifies tasks when the system is shutting down or restarting
SystemSuspendManages entering and leaving system suspend
SystemSuspendHandlerInterface for tasks that provide system suspension or resumption functionality
TaskManagerEntryUsed to insert non-application items into the Running Applications/TaskManager window
TaskManagerLauncherViewThe list of running applications
TaskManagerThe Qt Extended TaskManager service
QContentFilterModel::TemplateEnables the construction of complex QContentFilterModels with fixed entries and multiple lists
ThemeAnimationItemRepresents a pixmap-based animation in a ThemedView
ThemeControlManages the registered theme views
ThemeExclusiveItemAllows only one of its children to be active in a ThemedView
ThemeGraphicItemContains common functionality for graphics based items in a ThemedView
ThemeGroupItemGroups its children into a single item in a ThemedView
ThemeImageItemRepresents an image in a ThemedView
ThemeItemThe base class of all items in a ThemedView
ThemeLayoutItemPositions and resizes its child items in a ThemedView
ThemeLevelItemRepresents a level indicator in a ThemedView
ThemeLineItemRepresents a visual line in a ThemedView
ThemeListItemRepresents a graphical list in a themed view
ThemeListModelList model that is used for list functionality in Qt Extended theming
ThemeListModelEntryImplements a single theme list entry in a ThemeListModel
ThemePageItemThe root item in a ThemedView
ThemePixmapItemContains common functionality for image based items in a ThemedView
ThemePluginItemManages the interaction between a ThemedItemInterface implementation and a ThemedView
ThemeRectItemRepresents a visual rectangle in a ThemedView
ThemeSetupTaskEnsures a theme preselection for Qtopia
ThemeStatusItemRepresents a status indicator in a ThemedView
ThemeTemplateInstanceItemRepresents a template instance in a ThemedView
ThemeTemplateItemRepresents a theme template in a ThemedView
ThemeTextItemRepresents a text in a ThemedView
ThemeWidgetItemRepresents a widget in a ThemedView
ThemedViewConstructs, manages and displays themed views in Qtopia
TimeControlUpdates the current time and date in the value space
TimeMonitorTaskRequired for the TimeMonitor service to be supported. This class is part of the Qt Extended server and cannot be used by other Qt Extended applications
TimeUpdateThe TimeUpdate service
UIApplicationMonitorMonitors the running state of UI applications
UIFactoryFactory for various types of widgets used within the Qt Extended server
QAtResult::UserDataMechanism to add user data to a result object via QAtChat::chat()
VirtualKeyboardService to simulate keypresses on a device
WaitIndicatorWidget that is shown while an application starts
WindowManagementAllows you to monitor and control the application windows in the system

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