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QDLLink Class Reference

The QDLLink class fully describes a QDL link. More...

    #include <QDLLink>

Public Functions

Static Public Members

Detailed Description

The QDLLink class fully describes a QDL link.

The QDLLink class contains all the information for a QDL link. It allows the link to be activated on the source, contains a description and icon for the presentation of a link, and a flag to determine if the link is broken.

A QDL link is activated by the QDLLink::activate() method. The application specific data required to activate the link is then transfered to the QDL source through the Qt Extended service.

When the QDL source needs to delete the linked data QDLLink::setBroken() should be called to inform clients that link activation will not succeed. The client can then decide how, or if broken links should be displayed.

Member Function Documentation

QDLLink::QDLLink ()

Constructs a Null QDLLink

See also isNull().

QDLLink::QDLLink ( const QString & service, const QByteArray & data, const QString & description, const QString & icon )

Constructs a QDLLink with description and an icon name. The Qt Extended service service contains a QDS service for activating the QDLLink on the QDL source and application specific data for the activation is stored in data.

QDLLink::QDLLink ( const QDLLink & other )

Constructs a QDLLink by deep copying other.

QDLLink::QDLLink ( const QDSData & dataObject )

Constructs a QDLLink from the data in dataObject

QDLLink::~QDLLink ()

Destroy a QDL Link object.

void QDLLink::activate () const

Activates the link on the QDL source.

QByteArray QDLLink::data () const

Returns the application specific data used to activate the link on the QDL source.

See also setData().

QString QDLLink::description () const

Returns the description of the link.

See also setDescription().

QString QDLLink::icon () const

Returns the icon name for the link.

See also setIcon().

bool QDLLink::isBroken () const

Returns true if the link is broken; otherwise returns false. This usually occurs when the QDL data source deletes the linked data item.

See also setBroken().

bool QDLLink::isNull () const

Returns true if the link is null; otherwise returns false.

QMimeType QDLLink::listMimeType ()   [static]

Returns the MIME type used for a list of QDLLinks stored in QDSData objects.

See also mimeType().

QMimeType QDLLink::mimeType ()   [static]

Returns the MIME type used for QDLLinks stored in QDSData objects.

See also listMimeType().

QString QDLLink::service () const

Returns the Qt Extended service which contains the QDS service to activate the link.

See also setService().

void QDLLink::setBroken ( const bool broken = true )

Set the link's broken state to broken.

See also isBroken().

void QDLLink::setData ( const QByteArray & data )

Sets the application specific data for link activation to data.

See also data().

void QDLLink::setDescription ( const QString & description )

Sets the link description to description.

See also description().

void QDLLink::setIcon ( const QString & icon )

Sets the link icon name to icon.

See also icon().

void QDLLink::setService ( const QString & service )

Sets the Qt Extended service which contains the QDS service for link activation to service.

See also service().

QDSData QDLLink::toQDSData () const

Converts the link to a QDSData object. The object is only stored temporarily, if prelonged storage is required QDSData::store() should be called on the returned object.

QDLLink & QDLLink::operator= ( const QDLLink & other )

Deep copies other.

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