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QCommInterface Class Reference

The QCommInterface class provides facilities for implementing client and server communications objects More...

    #include <QCommInterface>

Inherits QAbstractIpcInterface.

Inherited by QAdviceOfCharge, QBandSelection, QBluetoothAudioGateway, QCallBarring, QCallForwarding, QCallSettings, QCallVolume, QCellBroadcast, QGprsNetworkRegistration, QMessageWaiting, QNetworkRegistration, QPhoneBook, QPhoneRfFunctionality, QPinManager, QPreferredNetworkOperators, QServiceChecker, QServiceNumbers, QSimFiles, QSimGenericAccess, QSimInfo, QSimToolkit, QSMSReader, QSMSSender, QSupplementaryServices, QTelephonyConfiguration, and QTelephonyTones.

Public Functions

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The QCommInterface class provides facilities for implementing client and server communications objects

Configuration values for the interface are placed under /Communications/interfaceName/service in the value space, where interfaceName and service are supplied in the constructor.

Communications interfaces are normally created in an override of QAbstractIpcInterfaceGroup::initialize(). The groupInitialized() method will be called at the end of the service initialization process.

See also QAbstractIpcInterface and QCommServiceManager.

Member Function Documentation

QCommInterface::QCommInterface ( const QString & interfaceName, const QString & service = QString(), QObject * parent = 0, QAbstractIpcInterface::Mode mode = Client )

Construct a new communications object for the interface called interfaceName on service and attach it to parent. If mode is Server, then the object is constructed in server mode and service must not be empty. If mode is Client, then the object is constructed in client mode and service may be empty to indicate the default service that implements this type of interface.

See also service().

QCommInterface::~QCommInterface ()

Destroy this communications object.

QString QCommInterface::service () const

Get the name of the service associated with this communications object. The service name is the same as groupName().

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