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QTelephonyConfiguration Class Reference

The QTelephonyConfiguration class provides access to configuration parameters on specific telephony services. More...

    #include <QTelephonyConfiguration>

Inherits QCommInterface.

Inherited by QModemConfiguration.

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Detailed Description

The QTelephonyConfiguration class provides access to configuration parameters on specific telephony services.

This class is intended for use by settings applications that need to communicate changes from the user to the back end telephony handlers. It should not be used for information that is normally available through other interfaces.

Telephony services that support GSM modems should provide the configuration parameters specified in the QModemConfiguration class documentation.

Telephony services that support Voice-Over-IP are free to implement whatever configuration parameters they wish. These configuration parameters will typically be used by a service-specific settings UI program to modify the configuration of the Voice-Over-IP implementation.

See also QModemConfiguration.

Member Function Documentation

QTelephonyConfiguration::QTelephonyConfiguration ( const QString & service, QObject * parent = 0, QCommInterface::Mode mode = Client )

Construct a new telephony configuration object for service and attach it to parent. The object will be created in client mode if mode is Client, or server mode otherwise.

QTelephonyConfiguration::~QTelephonyConfiguration ()

Destroy this configuration object.

void QTelephonyConfiguration::notification ( const QString & name, const QString & value )   [signal]

Signal that is emitted by the configuration service to indicate that the value of name is now value. This is usually emitted in response to a call on request(), but it may also be emitted if the configuration name corresponds to an unsolicited value.

See also request().

void QTelephonyConfiguration::request ( const QString & name )   [virtual slot]

Request the current value of the configuration item name. The value will be returned via the notification() signal.

See also notification() and update().

void QTelephonyConfiguration::update ( const QString & name, const QString & value )   [virtual slot]

Update the configuration item name to value.

See also request().

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