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QPhoneRfFunctionality Class Reference

The QPhoneRfFunctionality class provides a method to get or set the level of RF activity on a phone. More...

    #include <QPhoneRfFunctionality>

Inherits QCommInterface.

Inherited by QModemRfFunctionality.

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Detailed Description

The QPhoneRfFunctionality class provides a method to get or set the level of RF activity on a phone.

The RF activity level is typically used to implement airplane-safe operation modes where RF activity is disabled.

See also QCommInterface.

Member Type Documentation

enum QPhoneRfFunctionality::Level

This enum defines the level of phone RF functionality desired.

QPhoneRfFunctionality::Minimum0Minimum functionality.
QPhoneRfFunctionality::Full1Full functionality.
QPhoneRfFunctionality::DisableTransmit2Disable phone transmit RF circuits only.
QPhoneRfFunctionality::DisableReceive3Disable phone receive RF circuits only.
QPhoneRfFunctionality::DisableTransmitAndReceive4Disable both phone transmit and receive RF circuits.

Property Documentation

level : QPhoneRfFunctionality::Level

This property holds the current phone RF functionality level.

Access functions:

Member Function Documentation

QPhoneRfFunctionality::QPhoneRfFunctionality ( const QString & service = QString(), QObject * parent = 0, QCommInterface::Mode mode = Client )

Construct a new phone RF functionality object for service and attach it to parent. The object will be created in client mode if mode is Client, or server mode otherwise.

If service is empty, this class will use the first available service that supports phone RF functionality. If there is more than one service that supports phone RF functionality, the caller should enumerate them with QCommServiceManager::supports() and create separate QPhoneRfFunctionality objects for each.

See also QCommServiceManager::supports().

QPhoneRfFunctionality::~QPhoneRfFunctionality ()

Destroy this phone RF functionality object.

void QPhoneRfFunctionality::forceLevelRequest ()   [virtual slot]

Force the modem to query the current RF functionality level. This is typically used just after power up to check the actual state of the modem.

See also levelChanged().

void QPhoneRfFunctionality::levelChanged ()   [signal]

Signal that is emitted when the RF functionality level changes.

See also level() and setLevel().

void QPhoneRfFunctionality::setLevelResult ( QTelephony::Result result )   [signal]

Signal that is emitted in response to setLevel() to report its result. If result is QTelephony::OK, then level() will also be updated to reflect the new phone RF functionality level.

See also setLevel().

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