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QTelephony Class Reference

The QTelephony namespace contains telephony-related enumerated type definitions. More...

    #include <QTelephony>

Inherits QObject.

Public Types

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Detailed Description

The QTelephony namespace contains telephony-related enumerated type definitions.

Member Type Documentation

enum QTelephony::CallClass

Class of call to effect with a call forwarding, call barring, or call waiting change.

QTelephony::CallClassNone0No call class specified.
QTelephony::CallClassVoice1Voice calls.
QTelephony::CallClassData2Data calls, all bearer services.
QTelephony::CallClassFax4Fax calls.
QTelephony::CallClassSMS8Short message service.
QTelephony::CallClassDataCircuitSync16Data calls, circuit-switched synchronous only.
QTelephony::CallClassDataCircuitAsync32Data calls, circuit-switched asynchronous only.
QTelephony::CallClassDedicatedPacketAccess64Data calls, dedicated packet access only.
QTelephony::CallClassDedicatedPADAccess128Data calls, dedicated PAD access only.
QTelephony::CallClassDefault7Default call class; includes CallClassVoice, CallClassData, and CallClassFax.

enum QTelephony::OperatorAvailability

Availability of a network operator within QNetworkRegistration::AvailableOperator.

QTelephony::OperatorUnavailable0Network operator is unavailable for use.
QTelephony::OperatorAvailable1Network operator is available for use.
QTelephony::OperatorCurrent2Network operator is currently being used.
QTelephony::OperatorForbidden3Network operator is forbidden for use.

enum QTelephony::OperatorMode

Mode that was requested when the operator was selected.

QTelephony::OperatorModeAutomatic0Select any operator that is available.
QTelephony::OperatorModeManual1Select a particular operator by name.
QTelephony::OperatorModeDeregister2Deregister from the network.
QTelephony::OperatorModeManualAutomatic3Try to select the user's preferred operator by name, and if that fails select any operator that is available.

enum QTelephony::RegistrationState

Indicates the current network registration state.

QTelephony::RegistrationNone0Not registered and not searching for a new operator to register to.
QTelephony::RegistrationHome1Registered to the user's home network.
QTelephony::RegistrationSearching2Not registered, but currently searching for a new operator to register to.
QTelephony::RegistrationDenied3Registration was denied, usually because of invalid access credentials.
QTelephony::RegistrationUnknown4Registered, but it is not known whether the network is home or roaming.
QTelephony::RegistrationRoaming5Registered to a roaming network.

enum QTelephony::Result

Result codes for telephony operations, based on the GSM specifications.

QTelephony::OK-1Command responded with OK
QTelephony::Connect-2Command responded with CONNECT
QTelephony::NoCarrier-3Command responded with NO CARRIER
QTelephony::Error-4Command responded with ERROR
QTelephony::NoDialtone-5Command responded with NO DIALTONE
QTelephony::Busy-6Command responded with BUSY
QTelephony::NoAnswer-7Command responded with NO ANSWER
QTelephony::Dead-8The link is dead
QTelephony::PhoneFailure0GSM 27.07 code 0: phone failure
QTelephony::NoConnectionToPhone1GSM 27.07 code 1: no connection to phone
QTelephony::PhoneAdapterLinkReserved2GSM 27.07 code 2: phone-adaptor link reserved
QTelephony::OperationNotAllowed3GSM 27.07 code 3: operation not allowed
QTelephony::OperationNotSupported4GSM 27.07 code 4: operation not supported
QTelephony::PhSimPinRequired5GSM 27.07 code 5: PH-SIM PIN required
QTelephony::PhFSimPinRequired6GSM 27.07 code 6: PH-FSIM PIN required
QTelephony::PhFSimPukRequired7GSM 27.07 code 7: PH-FSIM PUK required
QTelephony::SimNotInserted10GSM 27.07 code 10: SIM not inserted
QTelephony::SimPinRequired11GSM 27.07 code 11: SIM PIN required
QTelephony::SimPukRequired12GSM 27.07 code 12: SIM PUK required
QTelephony::SimFailure13GSM 27.07 code 13: SIM failure
QTelephony::SimBusy14GSM 27.07 code 14: SIM busy
QTelephony::SimWrong15GSM 27.07 code 15: SIM wrong
QTelephony::IncorrectPassword16GSM 27.07 code 16: incorrect password
QTelephony::SimPin2Required17GSM 27.07 code 17: SIM PIN2 required
QTelephony::SimPuk2Required18GSM 27.07 code 18: SIM PUK2 required
QTelephony::MemoryFull20GSM 27.07 code 20: memory full
QTelephony::InvalidIndex21GSM 27.07 code 21: invalid index
QTelephony::NotFound22GSM 27.07 code 22: not found
QTelephony::MemoryFailure23GSM 27.07 code 23: memory failure
QTelephony::TextStringTooLong24GSM 27.07 code 24: text string too long
QTelephony::InvalidCharsInTextString25GSM 27.07 code 25: invalid characters in text string
QTelephony::DialStringTooLong26GSM 27.07 code 26: dial string too long
QTelephony::InvalidCharsInDialString27GSM 27.07 code 27: invalid characters in dial string
QTelephony::NoNetworkService30GSM 27.07 code 30: no network service
QTelephony::NetworkTimeout31GSM 27.07 code 31: network timeout
QTelephony::NetworkNotAllowed32GSM 27.07 code 32: network not allowed - emergency calls only
QTelephony::NetPersPinRequired40GSM 27.07 code 40: network personalization PIN required
QTelephony::NetPersPukRequired41GSM 27.07 code 41: network personalization PUK required
QTelephony::NetSubsetPersPinRequired42GSM 27.07 code 42: network subset personalization PIN required
QTelephony::NetSubsetPersPukRequired43GSM 27.07 code 43: network subset personalization PUK required
QTelephony::ServProvPersPinRequired44GSM 27.07 code 44: service provider personalization PIN required
QTelephony::ServProvPersPukRequired45GSM 27.07 code 45: service provider personalization PUK required
QTelephony::CorpPersPinRequired46GSM 27.07 code 46: corporate personalization PIN required
QTelephony::CorpPersPukRequired47GSM 27.07 code 47: corporate personalization PUK required
QTelephony::HiddenKeyRequired48GSM 27.07 code 48: hidden key required
QTelephony::Unknown100GSM 27.07 code 100: unknown
QTelephony::IllegalMS103GSM 27.07 code 103: Illegal MS
QTelephony::IllegalME106GSM 27.07 code 106: Illegal ME
QTelephony::GPRSServicesNotAllowed107GSM 27.07 code 107: GPRS services not allowed
QTelephony::PLMNNotAllowed111GSM 27.07 code 111: PLMN not allowed
QTelephony::LocationAreaNotAllowed112GSM 27.07 code 112: Location area not allowed
QTelephony::RoamingNotAllowed113GSM 27.07 code 113: Roaming not allowed in this location area
QTelephony::ServiceOptionNotSupported132GSM 27.07 code 132: service option not supported
QTelephony::ServiceOptionNotSubscribed133GSM 27.07 code 133: service option not subscribed
QTelephony::ServiceOptionOutOfOrder134GSM 27.07 code 134: service option temporarily out of order
QTelephony::UnspecifiedGPRSError148GSM 27.07 code 148: unspecified GPRS error
QTelephony::PDPAuthenticationFailure149GSM 27.07 code 149: PDP authentication failure
QTelephony::InvalidMobileClass150GSM 27.07 code 150: invalid mobile class
QTelephony::VBSVGCSNotSupported151GSM 27.07 code 151: VBS/VGCS not supported by the network
QTelephony::NoServiceSubscriptionOnSim152GSM 27.07 code 152: No service subscription on SIM
QTelephony::NoSubscriptionForGroupId153GSM 27.07 code 153: No subscription for group ID
QTelephony::GroupIdNotActivatedOnSim154GSM 27.07 code 154: Group Id not activated on SIM
QTelephony::NoMatchingNotification155GSM 27.07 code 155: No matching notification
QTelephony::VBSVGCSCallAlreadyPresent156GSM 27.07 code 156: VBS/VGCS call already present
QTelephony::Congestion157GSM 27.07 code 157: Congestion
QTelephony::NetworkFailure158GSM 27.07 code 158: Network failure
QTelephony::UplinkBusy159GSM 27.07 code 159: Uplink busy
QTelephony::NoAccessRightsForSimFile160GSM 27.07 code 160: No access rights for SIM file
QTelephony::NoSubscriptionForPriority161GSM 27.07 code 161: No subscription for priority
QTelephony::OperationNotApplicable162GSM 27.07 code 162: operation not applicable or not possible
QTelephony::MEFailure300GSM 27.05 code 300: ME failure
QTelephony::SMSServiceOfMEReserved301GSM 27.05 code 301: SMS service of ME reserved
QTelephony::SMSOperationNotAllowed302GSM 27.05 code 302: operation not allowed
QTelephony::SMSOperationNotSupported303GSM 27.05 code 303: operation not supported
QTelephony::InvalidPDUModeParameter304GSM 27.05 code 304: invalid PDU mode parameter
QTelephony::InvalidTextModeParameter305GSM 27.05 code 305: invalid text mode parameter
QTelephony::USimNotInserted310GSM 27.05 code 310: (U)SIM not inserted
QTelephony::USimPinRequired311GSM 27.05 code 311: (U)SIM PIN required
QTelephony::PHUSimPinRequired312GSM 27.05 code 312: PH-(U)SIM PIN required
QTelephony::USimFailure313GSM 27.05 code 313: (U)SIM failure
QTelephony::USimBusy314GSM 27.05 code 314: (U)SIM busy
QTelephony::USimWrong315GSM 27.05 code 315: (U)SIM wrong
QTelephony::USimPukRequired316GSM 27.05 code 316: (U)SIM PUK required
QTelephony::USimPin2Required317GSM 27.05 code 317: (U)SIM PIN2 required
QTelephony::USimPuk2Required318GSM 27.05 code 318: (U)SIM PUK2 required
QTelephony::SMSMemoryFailure320GSM 27.05 code 320: memory failure
QTelephony::InvalidMemoryIndex321GSM 27.05 code 321: invalid memory index
QTelephony::SMSMemoryFull322GSM 27.05 code 322: memory full
QTelephony::SMSCAddressUnknown330GSM 27.05 code 330: SMSC address unknown
QTelephony::SMSNoNetworkService331GSM 27.05 code 331: no network service
QTelephony::SMSNetworkTimeout332GSM 27.05 code 332: network timeout
QTelephony::NoCNMAAckExpected340GSM 27.05 code 340: no +CNMA acknowledgment expected
QTelephony::UnknownError500GSM 27.05 code 500: unknown error

enum QTelephony::SimFileError

Error codes for SIM file operations via QBinarySimFile and QRecordBasedSimFile.

QTelephony::SimFileServiceUnavailable0Sim file access is not available on any of the services in the system.
QTelephony::SimFileSimUnavailable1Sim file access is available, but the SIM is not present or ready.
QTelephony::SimFileNotFound2Sim file access is available, but the file does not exist on the SIM.
QTelephony::SimFileInvalidRead3Attempt to perform a read operation with invalid parameters.
QTelephony::SimFileInvalidWrite4Attempt to perform a write operation with invalid parameters.

enum QTelephony::SimFileType

Type of files within a SIM that are accessible via QSimFiles.

QTelephony::SimFileRootDirectory0Root directory on the SIM (also known as the master file}.
QTelephony::SimFileDirectory1Non-root directory on the SIM (also known as a dedicated file).
QTelephony::SimFileTransparent2Transparent elementary file (binary).
QTelephony::SimFileLinearFixed3Linear fixed elementary file (record-based).
QTelephony::SimFileCyclic4Cyclic elementary file (record-based with cyclic reuse of old records).
QTelephony::SimFileUnknown5Unknown file type.

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