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QDLEditClient Class Reference

The QDLEditClient class is used to add QDLLinks to rich-text documents. More...

    #include <QDLEditClient>

Inherits QDLClient.

Public Functions

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Detailed Description

The QDLEditClient class is used to add QDLLinks to rich-text documents.

QDLEditClient is a subclass of QDLClient which manages the QDLLinks in collaboration with the rich-text in QTextEdit. This allows the anchor text for QDLLinks to updated as links are added, set, or removed from the client object.

See also QDLClient and QDLBrowserClient.

Member Function Documentation

QDLEditClient::QDLEditClient ( QTextEdit * edit, const QString & name )

Constructs a QDLEditClient with edit as the parent widget. The QDLClient is identified by name, which should be unique within a group of QDLClients. name should only contain alpha-numeric characters, underscores and spaces.

See also isValid().

QDLEditClient::~QDLEditClient ()   [virtual]

Destroys a QDL Edit Client.

QString QDLEditClient::hint () const

Returns the hint used when requesting links.

See also QDLClient::setHint().

bool QDLEditClient::isValid () const

Returns true if the client object is valid; otherwise returns false. Calls to methods on an invalid client will fail.

void QDLEditClient::requestLinks ()   [slot]

Requests QDLLinks from a selected QDL source. The user selects the source from a list of available QDL sources. Returned links from the source are automatically added to the client using QDLEditClient::addLink().

See also addLink().

QMenu * QDLEditClient::setupStandardContextMenu ( QMenu * context = 0 )

Adds an "Insert Link" action item to context which connects to QDLEditClient::requestLinks().

See also requestLinks().

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