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QDLBrowserClient Class Reference

The QDLBrowserClient class displays rich-text containing QDLLinks. More...

    #include <QDLBrowserClient>

Inherits QTextBrowser.

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Detailed Description

The QDLBrowserClient class displays rich-text containing QDLLinks.

QDLBrowserClient manages and activates QDLLinks in collaboration with a rich-text document in QTextBrowser and QDLClient. QDLBrowserClient hooks into the QTextBrowser setSource() method so that QDLLinks can be activated on QDL sources when a user clicks or selects the anchor in the text.

See also QDLClient and QDLEditClient.

Member Function Documentation

QDLBrowserClient::QDLBrowserClient ( QWidget * parent, const QString & name )

Constructs a QDLBrowserClient and attaches it to parent. The QDLClient is identified by name, which should be unique within a group of QDLClients. name should only contain alpha-numeric characters, underscores and spaces.

QDLBrowserClient::~QDLBrowserClient ()   [virtual]

Destroys a QDL Browser Client object.

void QDLBrowserClient::activateLink ( const QUrl & link )   [slot]

Activates the QDLLink specified by link, which should be in the form QDL://<clientName>:<linkId>.

void QDLBrowserClient::loadLinks ( const QString & str )

Loads the links in str into the client object. The str is the base64 encoded binary data of the links created by QDL::saveLinks().

See also verifyLinks().

void QDLBrowserClient::verifyLinks ()   [slot]

Verifies the correctness of the links stored by the client object. This method determines if QDLLinks are broken, ensures all stored links have anchor text in the parent widget's text, and anchor text for unstored links is removed from the parent widget's text.

This method should only be called after QTextBrowser::setText() and loadLinks() have been called.

See also loadLinks().

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