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Generating QDawg files with qdawggen

The qdawggen tool is provided to convert word list files into the qdawg format used by the QDawg class used by input methods and other vocabulary-based functionality. While Qt Extended will do this automatically if a QDawg is requested and a ".words" file exists with no corresponding ".dawg" file, the process may require large amounts of RAM not available on the target device, therefore normally the ".dawg" files are generated off-device in the image building process.

The Qt Extended build process uses qdawggen to make dawg files for each file in the etc/dict/LANG directory, for all languages being built.

Invoking qdawggen Directly

The qdawggen command takes an output directory and a list of input files as parameters. Each file is taken as a list of words and a corresponding file is created in the output directory with the same name as the input but with the extension ".dawg".

The following options are also supported:

-vPrint help on the available commands.
-dDump the result as indented text. Useful for debugging or understanding the QDawg structure.

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