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Designing Applications

This document describes the guidelines to be followed when designing a Qt Extended application. The focus is on consistency, think very carefully before departing from the preferred style.

The following are described in this document:

with further detailed information available in:

Application Design Outlines the styles that should be followed when creating a new Qt Extended application including navigational flow, lists, and viewing items.
Naming Conventions Outlines the conventions for the use of capitals, abbreviations, acronyms and the formatting of labels.
Widgets Outlines the styles that should be followed when creating or modifying widgets.
Online Help Outlines the styles that should be followed when creating or modifying online help files.

Phone Keys

Qt Extended requires the following keys:

NameAlternative representationsUsual binding
PreviousLeft, Up, or Down Arrow*Previous item or value
NextRight, Down, or Up Arrow*Next item or value
SelectYes, OKActivate item or confirm changes
MenuSoft-key 1Invoke context menu.
BackNo, Cancel, Soft-key 2Delete text or close window
11 or space or text input function
2..9Digits with phone key lettering
00 or text input function
** or text input function
## or text input function

Qt Extended supports the following additional keys:

NameAlternative representationsUsual binding
UpUp ArrowItem physically above or to left
DownDown ArrowItem physically below or to right
LeftLeft ArrowTab or global function to left
RightRight ArrowTab or global function to right
DeleteCancel, ClearDelete item
JogWheel up/downScroll view or values
FxFunction keysInvoke global operation

In some phone designs, two keys represent both vertical and horizontal directions of suggested motion. Sometimes these are a Left/Up button and a Right/Down button, at other times they are a Left/Down button and a Right/Up button. Qt Extended can be configured to handle such designs.

In addition, Qt Extended can support standard full-keyboard interfaces supported by Linux, such as a keyboard connected via USB or Bluetooth.

Standard Icons

Qt Extended includes a large number of standard icons, found in the pics/icons/ directory.

These should be used whenever there is a good correspondence between the semantics of the icon in a new application and the semantics in existing applications. Mere visual appearance should not be considered, since these icons can be varied by OEMs and even end-users through the installation of alternative themes. Similarly, the standard icons should not be avoided simply because of their visual appearance (i.e. if you don't like them, ship a custom set of icons themed as you like).

A number of icons have very well defined semantics, and these are listed below:

IconComponentFilenameDescription of Use

Context Baricon/backDone: Finished using the current screen and wish to return to previous window.

Context Baricon/backspaceDelete text: Deletes (backspace) 1 character.

Context Baricon/cancelCancel: Removes all changes performed on the current item (transaction).

Context Baricon/okAccept: Accepts and disengages the current information/data in the currently selected widget.

Context Baricon/optionsOpen/Close Menu: Displays the current window's context menu.

Context Baricon/selectEngage/Select: Selects the current item, widget or grouping.

Context Baricon/viewMore Information: Selects and displays information about the currently focused item.

Context Menuicon/beamBeam: Sends the currently viewed item via IR.

Anyicon/bellBell: Indicates that an alarm is associated with the indicated item.

Anyicon/colorColor: Allows a color choice to be made.

Context Menuicon/editEdit: Edits the currently viewed item.

Context Menuicon/findFind/Search: Locates an item.

Context Menuicon/helpHelp: Displays the help documentation for the current window.

Context Menuicon/newNew: Creates a new item.

Context Menuicon/trashDelete item: Deletes the currently viewed item.

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