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Safe Execution Environment (SXE)

SXE Introduction

There is a growing demand among end-users for devices capable of downloading, installing and running third-party packages. This demand is driven in part by the availability of games and other applications conforming to the Java MIDlet specification .

Qt Extended with the SXE is designed to enable these actions. It provides a level of security that allows for the device owner to have confidence in downloading and running natively compiled binaries without significant risk of compromising the device.

Note: The initial release of SXE is only intended to handle safe execution of games. Other application types may not have access to required resources/functionality.

SXE is a native sandbox security solution, meaning malicious or malfunctioning downloaded programs are tightly controlled to proactively prevent them from harming assets on the device.

Sandbox security can be contrasted with:

Sandbox security can be combined with perimeter and trigger type security to provide many levels of defense. However, sandbox security is a minimum requirement for a system which allows arbitrary downloaded software to be run.

The following table provides links to detailed SXE information:

GeneralInstaller/Package Manager

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