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Qt Extended Helix Integration


Qt Extended supports the integration of the Helix DNA Client v3.1 (Atlas). To discuss access to Helix sources within a Commercial context, contact qt-sales@nokia.com.

Building Qt Extended with the Helix Source Package

To build Qt Extended with Helix support enabled, follow these steps:

extract the Helix Integration Package into a fresh extraction of the Qt Extended source package. For example run:

    cd <qt-extended-root-dir>
    tar -xzvf qtopia-helix-commercial-src-<version>.tar.gz

configure Qt Extended via running :

    configure -qtopiamedia -mediaengines helix -helix-system-id <SYSTEM_ID> <other configure options>

To see the possible values of <SYSTEM_ID> to suit Linux systems run the following commands :

    cd <qt-extended-root-dir>
    find src/3rdparty/libraries/helix/src/build/umakecf -name "linux*.cf" -printf "%f\n" | sed "s/\(.*\).cf/\1/"

while configuring Qt Extended check that you see the following configure output :

    Testing for helix: PRESENT

Build and install in the normal way (qbuild && qbuild image).

Streaming Media

Qt Extended supports streaming media through the Helix Integration. To stream media, send a setDocument() message to the MediaPlayer application, with the URL of the media to be streamed.

    QtopiaServiceRequest r("mediaplayer", "setDocument(QString)");
    r << QString("rtsp://host/path");

Note: The Helix engine is published under a number of licenses, ranging from Research and Development to commercial. For further information please refer to: Helix Community.

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Qt Extended 4.4.3