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USB Gadget Support


The Usb.conf configuration file is used to specify what USB gadgets are supported, what composite configurations are allowed and any gadget parameters. The PeripheralController group is used to define the supported gadgets and composite configurations.

SettingsDescriptionValue TypeExample
PathDevice path of the peripheral controller hardware in sysfs.string/sys/devices/platform/dummy_udc
SupportedGadgetsList of supported USB gadgets. Settings for each gadget are stored in a separate settings group.stringEthernet,Storage,Serial
DefaultGadgetName of the default gadget. The gadget specified by this configuration value will be automatically activated at start up.stringEthernet
CompositeGadgetsList of supported composite gadget configurations. Some hardware can support multiple active USB gadgets at the same time. For example a device can appear as both an Ethernet and a Mass Storage device. If no composite configurations are specified only one gadget can be active at a time. QUsbManager::canActivate() uses composite configurations to determine if it is possible for a gadget to activate.stringComposite0,Composite1

Each composite configuration specified in PeripheralController/CompositeGadgets must have a corresponding composite group.

SettingsDescriptionValue TypeExample
GadgetsList of gadgets that can be active at the same time in this composite configuration.stringEthernet,Storage

Gadget settings are stored in a group with the same name as the gadget. Allowable settings are gadget specific. Valid keys are documented in the gadget provider classes.

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