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Qt for X11 Requirements

Qt for X11 Dependencies

The QtGui module and the QtCore module, which provides the non-GUI features required by QtGui, depend on the libraries described in the following table.

NameLibraryNotesConfiguration optionsMinimum working version
XRender libXrender X Rendering Extension; used for anti-aliasing -xrender or auto-detected0.9.0
Xrandr libXrandr X Resize and Rotate Extension -xrandr or auto-detected1.0.2
Xcursor libXcursor X Cursor Extension -xcursor or auto-detected1.1.4
Xfixes libXfixes X Fixes Extension -xfixes or auto-detected3.0.0
Xinerama libXinerama Multi-head support -xinerama or auto-detected1.1.0
Xi libXi X11 Input Extensions auto-detected1.3.0
Xt libXt Xt Intrinsics0.99
Xext libXext X Extensions6.4.3
X11 libX11 X11 Client-Side Library6.2.1
SM libSM X Session Management -sm or auto-detected6.0.4
ICE libICE Inter-Client Exchange -sm or auto-detected6.3.5
glib libglib-2.0 Common event loop handling -glib or auto-detected2.8.3
pthread libpthread Multithreading 2.3.5

Note: You must compile with XRender support to get alpha transparency support for pixmaps and images.

See also Known Issues in 4.4.3.

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