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Qt Extended is supplied with several command line and graphical tools to ease and speed the development process. Each tool is listed here with a link to its documentation.

DesignerCreate forms visually.
AssistantQuickly find the help you need.
Linguist, lupdate, lreleaseTranslate applications to reach international markets.
QVFbRun and test embedded applications on the desktop.
Help Browser Pre-processorAn extension to Help Browser that enables the maintenance of a single source of html help files from which device-specific help can be extracted.
qdawggenGenerate QDawg files from plain test word lists.
vsexplorerA tool that can be used to inspect the contents of the Value Space on a target device.
QtTestTest tool for automated Unit testing.
QtUiTestTest tool for automated Ui/System testing.
qcopTool for accessing the Qt Extended IPC Layer from the command-line.
phonesimTool for testing of telephony applications without the need for access to an actual modem.
phonebounceTool for converting a handset into a modem for access from an instance of Qt Extended running on a desktop machine.
svgtopictureTool for converting SVG images to QPicture format images.
pngscaleTool for scaling images and writing the result as PNG images.

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