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The installation procedure is different on each Qt platform. Please follow the instructions for your platform from the following list.

General Qt RequirementsOutlines the general requirements and dependencies needed to install Qt.
Installing Qt for Embedded LinuxHow to install Qt for Embedded Linux.
Installing Qt on Mac OS XHow to install Qt on Mac OS X.
Installing Qt on WindowsHow to install Qt on Windows.
Installing Qt on Windows CEHow to install Qt on Windows CE.
Installing Qt on X11 PlatformsHow to install Qt on platforms with X11.
Qt for Embedded Linux RequirementsSetting up the Embedded Linux environment for Qt.
Qt for Mac OS X RequirementsSetting up the Mac OS X environment for Qt.
Qt for Windows CE RequirementsSetting up the Windows CE environment for Qt.
Qt for Windows RequirementsSetting up the Windows environment for Qt.
Qt for X11 RequirementsSetting up the X11 environment for Qt.

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